Our Story

At Vatrina we believe in continuing the legacy of the beautiful shoe-making craft. Manufactured from the finest genuine Egyptian leather, Vatrina blends an elegant style with the proud quality of Egyptian craftsmanship.

Loafer Shoes - Black

Our journey

began back in 2015, starting out as a leather workshop with a handful of employees. Despite the humble start, the vision was clear. To be the leading footwear brand on a regional scale and become a renowned manufacturer in foreign markets. This vision was sought out by creating quality leather products that our customers could always rely on.

The market quickly took notice of the new standard being set. In terms of both manufacturing and the brand. Vatrina was still behind market demand even at the workshop’s maximum capacity. At this point, we had to expand to a full-fledged factory. ​

In a few years, Vatrina has grown at a fast rate, placing it very close to many leaders in the market. And we don’t plan to stop anytime soon. We’re always looking to new horizons and embracing new technologies, to help us make an impact on the actual craft of shoemaking and the industry as a whole. We look forward to bringing true innovation to this beloved craft.

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